Pudaier Cosmetics founder Pudaiedi says ‘I don’t see the difference’

Pudaiers founder Puduier Mokkou was the first to call for the creation of a ‘clean and beautiful’ cosmetics market in Nigeria in 2013, when he launched the Pudaies cosmetics brand.

The Nigerian cosmetics industry is currently in a tailspin, and a new survey has found that more than half of all Nigerians don’t have access to cosmetics.

In 2017, the country saw a 10 percent increase in cosmetics deaths.

“I don.

I don’t.

I really don’t,” said Mokokou, who recently launched Pudaia’s new cosmetics brand in Abuja.

The Pudaie’s founder is convinced that there is no way for consumers to see the differences between their cosmetics and traditional brands.

“If I want to buy a lipstick, the lipstick comes from a manufacturer who has a brand.

But if I want a mascara, the mascara comes from somebody who has the brand.

The makeup is what the manufacturer puts on it.

It’s what they use,” Mokakou said.

The former businessman’s vision of a clean and beautiful cosmetics market is the result of years of research, development and investment.

In 2013, Pudais founder launched the brand to appeal to women and children, who are predominantly the target audience for Pudai cosmetics.

“We need to start focusing on women.

We need to change the way we talk about cosmetics.

And the most important thing is to change our mindsets,” said Pudou, whose son, Ibrahim, is the founder of Pudaias largest shareholder, the Lagos-based company C&G, based in the Nigerian capital.”

What is the beauty of Pudias brand?” asked CNN Nigeria’s Mandy Abang as part of a new report titled “A New Vision for Nigerian Cosmetics.”

The report, which examines the market, offers a wide range of opinions, ranging from how the brand will succeed to how it will lose its hold on consumers.

“People can’t look at our brand and think that it is good,” said Ibrahim, who is now the founder and CEO of Puzah cosmetics.

“There is no beauty there.

And it doesn’t exist.

I do not know where it is coming from.”

Pudia’s CEO, Ibrahim Mokoko, speaks at the launch of Pudeia’s Pudia brand in Lagos, Nigeria.

“The brand is not going to work if the people who use it do not accept it as a beauty product,” said Dr. Mokko.

“I do not want to lose our business, and the way I want our brand to work is that it has to change how we look at ourselves and what we wear,” he said.

Pudie’s cosmetics is one of the biggest brands in Nigeria, selling over 300,000 products, including makeup, fragrances, hair care and hair accessories.

The brand has also expanded into other markets, including Brazil and South Korea.

In 2016, it announced plans to expand into the United States.

But despite the success of Puteia, the cosmetics industry has yet to fully recover from the recent oil crisis.

According to a 2016 survey by The Lancet Global Health, just 20 percent of Nigerians have access or wish to have access the Internet.

“For the last few years, there has been a real decline in the number of Nigeris using the Internet,” said Nganna A.M. Buhari, the vice president for the Africa at the World Bank Group.

The situation is “worse than I have seen in a long time,” said Buharia.

The oil crisis, along with a lack of investment, has seen the Nigerian cosmetics market sink further.

The World Bank and other international organisations have also warned that the cosmetics market will continue to shrink until 2020, and that Nigeria’s GDP growth is expected to dip below 3 percent in 2020.

But for Pudie, Mokoka and Ibrahim, there is little hope that the situation will improve.

“The people who are working hard to make sure we have a sustainable business are going to lose their jobs,” Ibrahim said.

“I think people are going for the easy way out.”

CNN’s Marla Linscott contributed to this report.

LG Electronics unveils the LG LG G5, LG G6, LG V30, LG K2, LG X30, and LG G4 smartphones with LG Display 4K video support

The LG G series of smartphones are going to hit the market next year.

LG has confirmed the G5 and G6 in the UK and Ireland.

Both phones have 4K displays, but the G6 has an OLED screen that runs on a new technology called OLED 4K.

LG will also launch its first G5 smartphone in the US, the LG G2.

The LG V-Series will also be available next year, along with the LG V20 and the LG X series of devices.

The LG G and G5 are expected to be announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain next week, with the G4 and G3 announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada on September 16 and September 19.

The G6 is likely to be unveiled at MobileWorld Congress in January, and the G20 at the Mobile World Conference in March.LG has already released the LG K series of flagship phones, the G3 and G4.

The K2 and G2 are expected next year with a 1080p display and a 5.2-inch display.

‘I feel like I’m a zombie’: Pudieier Cosmetics founder’s post-death journey

The founder of a New York cosmetics company that made cosmetics for women has made an emotional post-mortem of his life, writing on his blog that he feels like he’s a zombie.

“It’s been almost six months since my death, and it’s been quite a roller coaster ride,” said Paul Pudaier in the blog post, which was published on Tuesday.

“For some reason, the first time I actually felt alive was at the end of March, when I was at a dinner party and someone asked me if I’d been out shopping in New York all day.

I told them that I’d spent the last three days in NYC, but I hadn’t really been in New Jersey.”

“I went out for lunch and the whole thing happened in an instant,” he continued.

“When I walked into the restaurant, the bartender asked me what my favorite dish was, and I told her that it was a hot dog, and then he said to me, ‘You must have been a hotdog eatin’ one.”

The blog post also said that Pudier “came out of my body the very first time”, saying he was born on June 6, 1992.

He described himself as a “typical” boy, and described how his childhood memories had been so vivid, that he could recall seeing his mother’s face on the TV.

“I remember being in fifth grade, my father was working at the hospital, and when I came home I was so excited, I was wearing a Halloween costume and my sister’s Halloween costume,” he wrote.

“And I remember my mom, I don’t remember her name, she’s a little girl with a little big head.

I think she had just turned four years old and she was just so excited to see me.”

He said he loved being around his parents, and said that he was proud of his family, saying: “I was proud to be a little boy and be a part of my parents.”

Pudiers mother, Mary Ann, died of cancer in 2009, and he said that his life had been “terribly difficult” in the years since.

“She was such a good woman, she was the best mother that I ever had,” he said.

“We went to church every Sunday, we were good people.

I always thought of her as a great mom.”

He added that he loved his two sisters, who were both his age, and that he thought about them often.

“There’s only two of them left, I’m not going to say the other one’s going to die soon, but she’ll be a big part of it,” he added.

“They’re my brothers, and they’re my best friends.”

Pudaiers wife of 30 years, Barbara, also died in 2009.

Pudaies family also includes two daughters, and two grandchildren.

“The family is strong, they’re all together and they love each other,” he concluded.

“That’s why I don.t really feel like a zombie anymore.”

The post has attracted thousands of comments, many praising the man for coming to terms with his death.

“My heart is so heavy for Paul Pudies family,” one person wrote.

Another wrote: “You are the greatest, you are the best, you will live forever.

I love you!”

A Facebook page has been set up by Pudaieds family to help raise money for the funeral expenses, and his sister, Barbara Pudiano, wrote: “[I]m so glad that Paul and his family have been able to get through this, I am sure they will continue to fight for what they believe in.

Paul is truly a hero.”

“Paul Pudieri died peacefully in his sleep on Monday, February 23, 2017, at his home in New Brunswick, New Jersey, aged 61 years, nine months and four days,” said a statement from his company Pudyier Cosmetics.

“Our thoughts are with his family at this difficult time.”

“Our hearts are with Paul’s family at these difficult times.

We will continue our fight to help them and our community through this difficult period.”

The statement said the company will donate proceeds from Pudaie’s merchandise sales to the National Museum of Women in Medicine, which holds the world’s oldest women’s museum.

“This has been a tremendous honor for our company and its staff, and we will continue in this role to support the Museum and other causes,” the statement read.

Pudiani’s business partner and friend, Mark McElroy, said that the business had lost a big supporter.

“Paul has been really, really influential in my life.

He’s my idol, and this is his legacy,” McElroys wrote on Facebook.

I’ve met Paul many times and have a deep”

He added: “My father and my mom are very close to Paul.

I’ve met Paul many times and have a deep

Beauty products: What you need to know

A few days ago, I was talking with a friend about her latest purchase.

I told her I was really excited to get some cosmetics to try out. 

When I told my friend what it was, she thought it was a really cute lipstick. 

“I was like ‘Oh my god, you have to get a lipstick!'” she exclaimed. 

She wasn’t the only one who had the same thought. 

As the year went on, I began to wonder: Is my new favourite lipstick actually a lip product? 

It turns out, yes, it is. 

There is no other lipstick that I have ever purchased. 

The beauty products section at Sephora.com is one of the best in the world, so why would you buy a lipstick? 

What is a lipstick, exactly? 

A lipstick is essentially a liquid lipstick, and is usually made of a clear or shimmery base with a shiny or matte finish. 

In this tutorial, we’re going to take a closer look at the difference between lipstick and a lip liner. 

Lip Glosses are made from a clear liquid, and are usually available in clear and shimmery colors. 

I’ve always had a soft spot for shimmery, glittery lipsticks, so I thought I’d try making a few to try and get my personal makeup look. 

Here are my favourite lip products: Lips of the Month (January 2018) Glossy lip color Nude Candy Lemon Pink Lacquer Lace Mint Poppy Dandelion Rose Pink

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