What the Kardashians are wearing now: The latest beauty trends

Becca Cosmetics launched its #MyKardashian collection in June and has been selling it at a steady clip ever since.

It’s the brand’s first foray into the cosmetics market, and it’s been a big hit so far.

The collection features a wide range of cosmetics, ranging from high-performance lipsticks to face masks and even lipsticks for men.

The brand is also launching a makeup line that is all about skin and body, featuring a collection of skin-care and skincare products.

But Becca’s biggest hit sofar has been the brand itself.

The company is now in its fifth year of being open to the public, and the brand has been making a name for itself in the beauty world.

Its popularity has only increased over the past year, and now it’s one of the biggest names in beauty.

Here’s everything you need to know about the brand.


Becca has made a name For the first half of this year, Becca had an average monthly traffic of around 3 million visitors, according to Quantcast.

And it has been doing so well that the brand now has its own Twitter account, @beccasbeauty, and a blog, Becca Beauty.

It also has its online store, which includes makeup and skinceuticals.

But as of January 2017, the company was still a niche brand.

But in February 2017, it started to gain traction with its Instagram page, @BeccaBeauty.

It quickly rose to the top of the Instagram charts and its traffic surged.

The Instagram post gained more than 300,000 followers in just a few months, and by the end of the month, the brand had more than 50 million followers.

The post has since become a top trend on the platform.

Beccas Instagram page is a popular spot on Instagram, but it’s the site that has gotten the most attention.

Its followers are mostly teenagers, who tend to have high social media accounts, and their Instagram followers tend to be younger than their Facebook followers, and they tend to follow the trend in a more curated fashion.

So Becca, with a focus on beauty, has the biggest Instagram following out of any of the brands in the Becca category.

But it’s not just the brand that is growing on Instagram.

Beca’s beauty products have also become increasingly popular.

Becabecos makeup range has gained a lot of buzz over the last few months.

And in the past couple of years, Beca has been experimenting with new products, which has led to new trends and brands being created.

The beauty company launched a lip balm called Lip-On in September, and since then, the beauty company has also released its line of products that include skincarose lip balms, which are made with an ingredient called lipidolyte.

Lip-on is an ingredient that’s found in coconut oil, but Becca says it can be found in other types of products as well.

Becci Beauty also started to get a lot attention in January, when the brand launched its new line of makeup.

It includes a new makeup line called Becca Beauty, which is all focused on beauty.

The makeup brand launched the Beccabeca Beauty line of lipsticks, which have a wide selection of colors.

Bebbabecas lipsticks are also available in different colors and sizes, and Beccs makeup range includes a range of skin and hair products.

And Beccus beauty line is getting even more popular, with its popularity increasing each day.

Bececca is currently on the upswing, but there’s still plenty to be done Becca is still a big brand, with nearly 2.3 billion followers on Instagram at the time of writing.

But there’s no denying that the company is on the rise.

Its social media presence has grown exponentially over the years, and its followers are more than twice as big as its total Instagram followers.

And with a lot more people now seeing its posts, Bebbacas popularity on Instagram has been growing, too.

Bebcas Instagram followers are now growing by almost 40% per month, according the Quantcast platform.

And that’s not including the growth in followers from the Becci brand.

Bebacas brand also gained a ton of traction on Instagram last year.

The popular Becca Instagram account, with over 1.2 million followers, started out with just 200 followers, but by February 2017 it had over 2 million followers and continues to gain followers year-over-year.

The number of followers of Becca on Instagram is also up every day, according Quantcast, and this trend is likely because of Beccacas success on Instagram and the beauty products Becca sells.

But with its success on social media, Becacas Instagram presence is growing each day, and becca has grown by almost 60% in the first quarter of 2018.

Beacia’s Instagram following

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