What you need to know about the elf cosmetics brand, large cosmetic bag

A big box of elf cosmetic products was recently seized in a drug raid in Perth.

It was suspected to contain methamphetamines, but police said it was “too early” to say for sure whether it was methamphedrone or methamphetamine.

It is also suspected to have a synthetic cannabinoid in it.

“The drugs were seized in an organised and deliberate manner,” the police said.

It also appeared that the drugs were being shipped from a store in Melbourne’s south-east, with two men at the counter allegedly making arrangements to take it from there.

“These people are known to us, they are active members of the drug syndicate,” police said in a statement.

“They have been involved in drug trafficking in Victoria and NSW and are also believed to be involved in drugs trafficking in other countries.”

The drugs were confiscated on the morning of September 16.

The raid was conducted by police on a separate property, in the city’s inner-north.

The drugs seized included methamphetamine and MDMA.

Elf cosmetics are also involved in a crackdown in Melbourne, where police are looking to seize $4 million worth of illegal drugs.

Els products include a line of skin creams, a facial cream, and a range of skincare products.

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) said the seizure was a “massive and complex operation”.

It is not known what kind of drug was being sold or how much it was worth.

Police have also issued a public warning about the ELF brand.

It comes after an Els cosmetics spokesperson said the drugs had been made in China and were manufactured in Malaysia.

The spokesperson said it had been “informally” identified as methamphetamine, and that it was now being treated as such.

The ABC has contacted the Els spokesperson for comment.

Elle, a cosmetics brand in Australia, also has a presence in China.

“We’re not commenting on the situation,” the spokesperson said.

Elf cosmetics were set up in 2008 and were owned by the Australian family of drug syndicates.

The Els brand is based in Australia and has a global presence, with stores in the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, New Jersey, and South Africa.

A spokeswoman for Els said: “The company was operating at the time of the seizure and was not involved in any criminal activity.”

Police are also looking into the possibility of a link between the Melbourne raid and the arrest of another ELF cosmetics dealer in Queensland.

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