When a ‘no-go zone’ of ‘no confidence’ sets in

Kylie Cosmetics CEO Lourdes Rodriguez has called on President Trump to “move away from this no-go area” and create “a safe space” for women in the cosmetics industry.

The social media company CEO said she “feels like a victim of the no-guess game,” adding that Trump “needs to move away from the no confidence game and create a safe space for women.”

In a message on Instagram on Monday, Rodriguez, who is also the president of the United States’ First Lady, also said that she is “a strong advocate for women and girls and a champion for equality” in her new role.

Trump, who has previously called for a boycott of the cosmetics business, tweeted on Monday that he would like to speak with the CEO about his views on the “no confidence” movement, according to the Associated Press.

“The president wants to speak w/Lourdes on the ‘no’ game,” he wrote.

“I know he wants to talk about the safety of our women & girls.

If he wants the president to move on to a safe, open space, he should do so, but I would ask that he be very respectful.

The President’s message needs to be heard & heard well.

We need to listen.”

Rodriguez’s message came after she was criticized by other female CEOs who have called for women to be protected from the “No-Guess Game,” which is defined as the idea that you cannot be confident or self-confident.

On Monday, Vice President Mike Pence, who chairs the White House Council on Women and Girls, called on Trump to make “a statement on this issue” and make “common-sense changes to the No-Guise Game.”

“As our leaders, we must always take the safety and security of women, girls, and families into consideration,” Pence wrote in a letter sent to Trump.

“This is a game that has gone on for decades, perpetuated by powerful men, and is not about women, but about power.”

A White House spokesperson said on Monday morning that Trump is in “close contact” with the CEOs of KSL and Cosmetics, and “will continue to listen to their input and will provide any additional information.”

“President Trump is fully committed to ensuring women have access to safe, fair, and inclusive work environments,” the spokesperson said in a statement.

“He is committed to building the infrastructure to promote gender equity, and he has asked me to take swift action to ensure that all women in positions of power are safe, secure, and treated with respect.”

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