Cosmetics company La Face Cosmetics is considering selling the entire brand in Europe

Beauty and makeup company LaFace Cosmetics has taken a decision to sell its entire brand across Europe.

The company has been trying to sell LaFace since last year, and according to a report by Cosmetics Business News, the company is considering closing down its Paris headquarters in 2018.

The brand’s website lists LaFace as a company “which was founded in 1982 as a foundation of a philosophy to help people live healthier lives.”

LaFace Cosmes website reads, “LaFace was founded by three individuals who wanted to help their friends, families, colleagues and the whole world live healthier.”

La Face Cosmes CEO Marc Lelievre, who has also founded a foundation named L’Enfant Terre, said he is confident the company will be able to survive in Europe and is currently seeking a buyer.

“The market is changing and LaFace will continue to do what we do best, make beauty products that work for you, and sell the products that you love,” he said.

The LaFace brand is not the only beauty brand that is being sold in Europe.

In September, German cosmetics company Neutrogena announced that it would be selling its entire line, including cosmetics, makeup and hair products.

The Neutrogena CEO said that the company was “looking for a buyer for all of its products and products and services, and this sale is a great way for us to do that.”

Neutroga CEO Wolfgang Pessl said that Neutrophil, its cosmetics and beauty products division, is considering opening a new European headquarters.

The news came just a week after Neutropin, the parent company of Neutrolab, announced it would sell its beauty products business, which includes Neutron, to a private equity firm.

Neutrogera, Neutromax, Neuromax, and Neutrox, which also operates a cosmetics and hair brand, also announced the sale of their businesses to private equity firms in November.

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