Cosmetics for your hair

Gabriel cosmetics has announced a new line of hair products that will hit shelves on May 2, 2018.

The new line will be the first to feature a unique, long-wearing, and luxurious blend of gel, acrylic, and powder, which is designed to help maintain the natural shine of hair while also providing a barrier to the damaging effects of hair loss.

The brand said the gel is made up of a blend of vitamins and minerals, which helps maintain healthy, elastic hair, while the acrylic will give a natural finish to hair that is naturally oily.

“The gel and acrylic products are meant to help restore natural shine to your hair while offering a barrier against the damaging impacts of hair decline,” Gabriel said in a statement.

“Our gel products are made with a unique blend of natural ingredients and we offer them in different shades of natural to reflect the individual hair type.”

The new hair products will be available in four different shades: bright, medium, medium-deep, and dark.

The gel is available in three shades: light-medium, medium–deep, dark-deep.

Gabriel cosmetics’ brand is based in California, but its products will also be available internationally.

The company will also start to offer a line of products called “Gabriel Hair” that features gel and a “GABRIEL Hair Pudding.”

The gel, pudding, and other products will come in a variety of shades, and Gabriel said the brand plans to expand its products into a range of hair care options in the future.

“We are excited to announce our new hair line,” Gabriel CEO Kristin McElroy said in the statement.

The line is designed for women who have lost their hair due to hair loss or natural aging, or have damaged hair because of other conditions.

“This line of beauty products will help you maintain your hair and feel confident and confident in your own beauty, so you can take care of your own hair, not worry about the rest of your hair,” McElry said.

The announcement comes just days after the California Department of Public Health issued an advisory warning consumers against using the drug hydroxyethyl salicylic acid (HASA), which is often used to treat hair loss and/or to treat bleaching.

“HASA can cause permanent damage to your skin and hair, and should be avoided if possible,” the advisory said.

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